Where we source our towels.

Looped towels as we know them were first created in Turkey circa Ottoman times. The dying art of hand weaving towels such as our Ever Luxe collection is very rare and only a handful of family run shuttle looms are still doing it in the south of Turkey, while the majority are created in small factories. 

We source everything from a single shop that uses a very small network of family-owned weavers in the South and Southeast of Turkey. The last remaining of their kind, as the majority of traditional weavers just can't compete with the mass production that is typical of a cotton peshtemal or towel.  Even their names are assigned to each series, so we love that we can represent their art form in such a close and connected way. 

We are proud to say that all OAK towel textiles are: 

  • Woven with organic cotton thread using undyed or plant based colour
  • No chemicals or softeners used in processing 
  • Certified GOTS organic cotton 
  • GOTS standard classification starts at organic cotton production all the way to ensure fair sourcing and working conditions 
  • Organic cottons antibacterial properties resist that “musty” towel smell
  • Hand shuttle loom woven using traditional methods