About Us

My name is Cortnei and I am the owner and operator of OAK Organique in Coteau du Lac, Quebec. I started OAK out of a desire to share beautiful and natural textiles whether that be GOTS- organic and handwoven towels to 100% Belgium linen clothing for mom and babe. 

Named after our fourth baby Oak Rose— our core values are offering products that are safe for those that harvest and create them, as well as those who use them. Ethically sourced and long lasting we feel good about our textiles small foot print with a big impact. 

All OAK Turkish towel and blanket textiles are small batch woven using traditional shuttle-looms, in the south and south east of Turkey. Handmade and unique in todays market when the majority of weavers have been forced to close their small operations because they cannot compete with the small factories that can produce high volumes.

We can honestly say we know the names of our weavers, and we pride ourselves knowing we are supporting them and their craftsmanship. 



All of our cotton is GOTS— certified organic. This certification follows the textile from cultivation to processing and even sourcing.