Why choose organic cotton?

Why choose an organic cotton textile? 

 Simply put organic cotton is a small choice with a big impact. We all care about the earth but finding small choices that are within reach is sometimes hard. 

Organic might feel like the right choice when it comes to goods for the home or family but the why isn't always clear. 

So here are our take-aways to share in the hopes that it makes your choice just that little bit easier. 

  • Free from pesticides and harsh chemicals 
  • Requires less water and energy 
  • Contributes to healthier soil 
  • Is safer for those that harvest and process it 


What is G.O.T.S certified organic? 

G.O.T.S or GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard and simply put certification is the highest standard in the world for organic fibres. It takes into account the humans that harvest and create, as well as the environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain and process.