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Softest Organic Facecloths

Softest Organic Facecloths


Be kind to your face with the softest facecloth on record. Ok, we can't confirm that this hand woven GOTS- certified organic cotton facecloth is indeed the softest. But it's definitely in the running. 

Organic cotton is more absorbent and releases moisture more effectively with natural bacteria fighting ability. What does that mean? 

No musty smell, just an incredibly soft towel that only improves with age. 

 * Ecru colour will lighten to a more natural looking fibre finish after first wash. 

Care Instructions

Your organique textile is meant to be well loved. To prepare your textile for its best life we recommend soaking in cold water for twenty four hours prior to its first use.

The organic cotton fibres will expand and become even softer and more absorbent after multiple washes. 

  • Machine wash cold, no bleach or softeners
  • Tumble dry low 

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